As you listen to the music, click an emotion from this list.
A graph will appear reflecting the emotions you feel throughout the piece.

Dang Thai Son explains Chopin’s Nocture Op 42 No. 1 in C minor

This interactive is a visualization of Chopin’s Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48 No. 1, known for its emotional expression. Research suggests that humans share a common emotional palette for music and color that appears to be intuitive and can cross cultures. In other words, we are hard-wired to associate specific colors with music. We’d like you to listen to the piece and select a feeling that best describes what the music evokes in you. What it looks and sounds like: Be sure to click the 'person' icon to reveal how others felt while they listened.

Right now this music makes me feel

  • joyful
  • fearful
  • lonely/sad
  • {click an emotion from the list}
  • pensive
  • excited
  • calm/serene